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Why Should I Care?

Digital Evolution: Your competitors are using digital technologies to differentiate their service from yours.

BaseLine® is a suite of quickly deployable technologies that can help you evolve into the digital economy with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Your investment will be rewarded with immediate savings produced by increased efficiency and effectiveness delivered by the operational enhancements.

What can you do in 2 Minutes 25 Seconds?

With a digital workflow you would be amazed…

With our Med Auth Suite, you can…

  1. Enter & process a request for medical auth.
  2. Evaluate & process a request for validity, duplicates and DOL.
  3. Evaluate & process a request for claim compensability, body part acceptance, and in-network provider.
  4. Record & track all due dates & timelines.
  5. Review the prior history of an IW related to the current request.
  6. Review Payer rules related to request.
  7. Review potential costs associated with request.
  8. Review pertinent evidence guidelines related to request.
  9. Authorize & process requests that meet the pre-auth requirements.
  10. Process questionable requests to higher level review (internal/external).
  11. Transmit requests to/from UR/Peer providers.
  12. Process all approved requests to the approved 3rd party service provider
  13. Integrate BaseLine® pharmacy determinations with your PBM.
  14. Integrate all BaseLine® determinations with bill review.
  15. Process all paperwork and audit requirements in complete compliance with business & regulatory rules.

In fact, the Med Auth Suite has…

  1. Integrated core software products into a digital processing system.
  2. Eliminated 83% of medical requests adjusters had to review previously.
  3. Eliminated 50% of the medical requests internal nurses had to review.
  4. Increased the rate of UR modifications & denials from 30-35% to upwards of 75%.
  5. Significantly increased compliance with business & regulatory requirements.
  6. Increased penetration of in-network services from 40% to over 95%.
  7. Reduced on-boarding time for new 3rd party vendors.
  8. Enabled performance metric tracking on 3rd party vendors.
  9. Enabled performance benchmarking of UR Providers
  10. Reduced the need for manual bill validations by 70%.
  11. Identified in-network providers associated with high frictional costs.
  12. Eliminated workflow gaps between the claims and PBM processes.
  13. Automated the administrative processing duties of communications, audits, reporting, etc.
  14. Eliminated associated demands on internal IT resources.
  15. Reduced workloads, improved compliance, and produced better outcomes.

Cut Hours of Wasted Staff Time.

Yes, It's Complicated… But We Have The Answers!

We build digital technologies that handle the complicated details, so your team can deal with the complex human issues that drive claims.

And That Will Make You More Profitable!

Your digital evolution will make your company far more efficient, effective and responsive to today's rapidly changing business environment.


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